#AWS Glacier & SNS #PowerShell cmdlets

So, yeah, I finally finished writing this. In terms of coding projects, this one has been the most challenging for a number of reasons. First, AWS Glacier is cold storage, which means that vault inventories and archive retrievals have (approximately) … [Continue reading]

Search-Cloud is cooler than you might think

PowerCLI 5.0.1 delivered new vCloud Director functionality including a cmdlet named Search-Cloud. If you've taken a look at Get-Help Search-Cloud, you'll see a parameter named -QueryType used to "Specify what types of objects you want to search for". … [Continue reading]

VMworld 2012: My schedule

In the spirit of "everyone else is doing it, so why shouldn't I?", I decided to go ahead and blog about my VMworld 2012 schedule. This VMworld promises to be a non-stop barrage of awesome technical content, learning new things, and hanging out with … [Continue reading]

#VMworld + #vBrownBag == crazy awesome

I'm incredibly excited about VMworld 2012 as this one will be a totally new experience for me. The first two years that I attended were as a customer, the third was as a vendor. If you talked to me at all last year, you probably remember that I'd … [Continue reading]

PowerCLI: Remove all vmnics from a vSwitch

You can tell I'm getting rusty with the PowerCLI, which is something I intend to fix. In the meantime, I needed a PowerCLI way to remove all vmnics from a host's vSS. If you take a look at the PowerCLI cmdlet documentation, you'll find the syntax for … [Continue reading]