Importing vCloud Automation Center Application Services Out-Of-Box Content

Just a quick note: During the first boot setup of vCloud Automation Center Application Services 6.1.0, there’s an option to import the default out-of-box content. If you decide to do so, don’t forget to enclose the tenant’s business group name in quotes if it contains spaces. Otherwise, the script will fail without telling you why, and you’ll be told to run /home/darwin/tools/ later. Should you decide to do that, SSH into the appliance using darwin_user and either sudo su into root to run the script directly, or call the script using sudo from the darwin_user account. If you fail to do so, the import will fail again, and you’ll spend a bit of time scratching your head as to why.

FYI – the documentation states to use double quotes around the business group if it contains spaces, but the script doesn’t tell you or check before it tries to import the packages to that business group after logging in as the tenant user.

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