Importing vRealize Application Services Blueprints from the Solution Exchange Marketplace

(Note: I think this is the first time I’ve called it vRealize. /sigh)

Earlier today I was trying to add application blueprints from the VMware Solution Exchange Marketplace to my Application Services appliance. The “Try” page for the blueprints features an option to login to your Application Services appliance and deploy the blueprint directly. That, however, doesn’t work. As it turns out, Marketplace access isn’t available on 6.1 (release notes).

In order to import the blueprints, download each file and upload it to the Application Services appliance. Then SSH into the appliance and start darwin-cli.jar. Login to the Application Services darwin instance and run the import-package command with the correct flags in order to import the XML. Be sure to SSH into the appliance itself, as import-package looks for importFilePath on the local machine.

Pay special attention to the ConflictResolutionAction flag as overwriting or skipping a piece of the import could have undesired consequences.

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