vCloud Automation Center HTTP 503 error

The other day I logged into my vCloud Automation Center web client and discovered that I was getting HTTP 503 errors in a number of different places and Java errors thrown in my Home dashboard. After a bit of digging around I determined that the … [Continue reading]

Setting up the CentOS 6.3 template for jPetStore in vCloud Application Director 6.0.1

If you've tried to use the CentOS 6.3 template that VMware provides as part of the out-of-the-box application templates for vCloud Application Director 6.0.1, then you're probably aware of the difficulty involved due to sub-optimal documentation and … [Continue reading]

SSL all the WordPress!

I've been running my wp-admin page over SSL for a while now, having purchased a signed SSL certificate through my web hosting provider. I recently installed the Wordpress HTTPS plugin but was experiencing issues with forcing SSL on the admin pages … [Continue reading]

Active Directory tenant identity sources & vCloud Application Director 6.0.1

Recently, I encountered an issue while trying to add a cloud provider in vCloud Application Director 6.0.1. It turns out that, depending on the vCloud Automation Center identity source, you may need to capitalize the domain name in the user's UPN. … [Continue reading]

Adding a cloud provider in vCloud Application Director 6.0.1

If you've tried to add a new cloud provider within vCloud Application Director 6.0.1, you may have run into an issue where the credentials can't be validated. The (less than helpful) UI error message is: Could not connect to the Cloud Provider at … [Continue reading]