Guest troubleshooting 101: VMware

Lately I've been fighting a remote cluster that has had its share of host and guest issues; this latest issue piqued my interest and its solution was so simple that I chuckled a bit. Problem: The guest will not respond to power commands thru … [Continue reading]

Ghetto host evacuation: PowerCLI

Do you need to easily evacuate a clustered vSphere host, and you don't have DRS (no vSphere Enterprise/Plus licensing)? Then look no further. This little beauty will get you pointed in the right direction, and save you some time. … [Continue reading]

ESX & ESXi counts: PowerCLI

Nothing too fancy here, just a quick and dirty way to find the current counts of all of my ESXi 4.1 (Build 260247) versus the remaining ESX hosts. … [Continue reading]

HA restart priorities: PowerCLI

Each one of the vSphere clusters that I manage have an identical set of guests. I wrote this script as a handy way of setting/correcting any HA restart priorities per documented standards. … [Continue reading]

vSphere licensing via PowerCLI

After vSphere 4.1 hit the streets, my teammates and I decided to move from ESX 4.0 to ESXi 4.1 at all of our locations. With the exception of our primary datacenter, all of our locations were running vSphere 4.0 Standard licensing (read as: no … [Continue reading]