Cloudy with a chance of nerd

Today marks another step on my career path: I’m leaving EMC Consulting and joining ServiceMesh as a Cloud Solutions Architect within the Client Services group.

I had a great run at EMC Consulting. I helped advise and guide companies at all stages of transforming their IT departments from the traditional IT silo approach to providing IT as a Service via private, public, or hybrid cloud solutions. Along the way I met many good folks within the industry and made a number of friends internally and externally to EMC: great folks like JP Morgenthal, Jeff Vagg, Tal Talamoni, Vinny Delucia, Kurt DeWitt, Darryl Hadfield, Christopher Kusek, and many more.

I had a number of managers during my time, and each one was very supportive, understanding, and went out of their way to make sure that my professional needs were met while giving me as much freedom and latitude as necessary for my family. Big ups to my friend Ted Newman (@vCTO) – he’s a hell of a great guy and a fantastic person to work for.

As part of a project for an EMC Consulting customer, I was tasked with comparing a number of cloud portal/broker solutions and weighing their capabilities against the customer’s business & technical requirements. I admit the task wasn’t very easy as each product in the comparison went about things in a slightly different way; some were focused solely on public cloud or private cloud (with varying degrees of maturity or support for each public cloud provider’s services), or focused purely on the technical side of management and orchestration with little in the way of end-user focus or workflows for service placement based on the service consumer’s workload requirements. ServiceMesh met all of the customer’s business & technical requirements, and was clearly head and shoulders above all of the other solutions included in my comparison. I was aware of ServiceMesh before, as EMC & ServiceMesh have a good number of mutual customers and ServiceMesh is an EMC Select partner; however this comparison made it clear to me that ServiceMesh has done an awesome job of identifying a need and meeting it at exactly the right time in the industry.

Out of the blue, a third party recruiter contacted me to ask if I was interested in a company that sounded a whole lot like ServiceMesh. (To be clear, I wasn’t targeted or poached by ServiceMesh.) Ultimately, I am and always will be a huge nerd at heart. I wanted to get back to a hands-on technical role in order to continue the never ending journey of learning more and solving technical problems. I also missed that feeling that only a small company can provide – the knowledge that your professional contribution is key to the lasting success and upward trajectory of the company. These are some of the major reasons why I decided to make this transition. The allure of getting back to hands-on full-time nerdery, working for a privately held company that appears to be leading a very competitive market, and the opportunity to work in a tight-knit team of super nerds…well, you know the rest. :)

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