Liveblogging the VMware vSphere 5 Launch

10:58 AM CDT: Announcing that it will begin shortly.
11:04 AM CDT: Deep breath. And so it begins…
11:05 AM CDT: CEO of VMware, Paul Maritz takes the stage. He’s discussing what he’s terming the ‘cloud era’, and the forces that are driving it — a drive towards an information-centric world, and a drive towards reduction in complexity.
11:09 AM CDT: Reducing complexity calls for a “more flexible, efficient infrastructure”. This drive will be a paradigm shift for applications, because of the shift in infrastructure focus. Other challenges facing IT departments is the onslaught of new devices that might not necessarily be under the control of IT.
11:11 AM CDT: Maritz detailing how VMware will enable this new shift in IT
11:12 AM CDT: Three phases: IT production. VI3 generation began virtualizing the base applications IT manages
11:13 AM CDT: second phase is the business production phase, enabled by the vSphere 4 platform. 40% of the world’s applications are virtualized. At some point soon, analysts predict that 50% of the world’s applications will be virtualized.

11:14 AM CDT: Within a generation or less, there has been a major, disruptive shift in the way the world runs its applications. Maritz asking what other platform has done that?
11:15 AM CDT: Maritz asking how virtualization will grow to 50% and beyond. What will it take? More than just realizing cost savings, but also driving value to the business.
11:17 AM CDT: “Acceleration amplification” will be accomplished with the ‘first comprehensive cloud infrastructure suite’ — vSphere 5, according to Maritz.
11:18 AM CDT: vSphere 5 is the foundation providing resource pools of infrastructure. vCenter SRM sits on top, providing business continuity.
11:19 AM CDT: So with this larger, heterogeneous pool of infrastructure resources, vCenter Operations will provide monitoring and management.
11:21 AM CDT: vShield Security enables virtualized security and edge functions — virtual security perimeters that enforce security policies of applications and servers as they transition throughout the large infrastructure pools that vSphere provides
11:22 AM CDT: vCloud Director: policy, reporting, self-service. Business decisions should drive the shift between private and public clouds, and vice-versa. The vSphere suite & future work with infrastructure service providers to define the APIs and implement security policies
11:24 AM CDT: Maritz briefly detailing partners within the hybrid cloud model. Over 2000 service providers a day transacting off the rental model VMware has provided to service providers.
11:24 AM CDT: Steve Herrod taking the stage, CTO of VMware.
11:26 AM CDT: Detailing the new products
11:27 AM CDT: two big challenges. One is performance. Virtualizing higher tier applications require higher amounts of virtual CPUs and virtual memory. vSphere 5 will be 32 vCPUs and 1TB of memory.
11:29 AM CDT: vCenter Site Recovery Manager 5. Arrival of vSphere replication. No longer tied to array-based replication.
11:30 AM CDT: SRM new capability. Automated failback. SRM is no longer for disaster recovery, but also disaster avoidance. Corporate acquistions. More than just DR.
11:31 AM CDT: Parallels between Dell’s JIT supply chain automation and private/public cloud computing.
11:32 AM CDT: Consumer side & producer side. Consumer side is done through vCloud Directory. Demo of an iPad showing how easily virtualized applications can be turned off/on, requested, reconfigured. Simple consumer story.
11:33 AM CDT: Producer side. Day 1 is provisioning, placement, capacity. Day N is monitoring, performance, security.
11:35 AM CDT: Provisioning requires intelligent policy management. Define the policies, and let the consumers provision based from them. Automation, automation, automation. Pools of resources have a policy attached: size, security, backup, recovery. These SLAs determine application placement.
11:36 AM CDT: vCloud Directory 1.5 with Linked Clones. 2 or more VMs share the same template, and only changes to that template are cloned out. Physical storage will asynchronously handle the backend work.
11:37 AM CDT: vSphere 5 with profile-drive storage and storage DRS. Disassociation between the VM and the storage behind it. Policies assigned to the storage allows seamless and intelligent placement. Storage DRS will now storage vMotion VMs around as storage bandwidth increases/decreases.
11:39 AM CDT: VMware announcing SMB products as well. vSphere Storage Appliance 1.0. Pools individual disk arrays on inexpensive SMB-type servers in a seamless fashion.
11:40 AM CDT: vSphere 5 with Autodeploy. Leverages PXE & automation to quickly add capacity to the cloud.
11:41 AM CDT: Day N. “Set & forget”. Herrod talking about network and storage I/O controls in vSphere 5
11:42 AM CDT: Security and isolation capabilities. vShield edge. firewalling around a set of applications
11:43 AM CDT: vShield App 5 with sensitive data discovery. Look at the type of data in place within a system, profile against regulations and notify administrator. Enables pooling of sensitive applications within a set of policies and firewalls.
11:45 AM CDT: More than a million engineering hours. Hundreds of additional capabilities. Two million hours of QA. 2000 partner certifications.
11:46 AM CDT: Rick Jackson, CMO of VMware.
11:47 AM CDT: Other inhibitors that are preventing virtualization adoption. Big one is licensing.
11:49 AM CDT: vSphere 5 removing physical licensing constraints. No more CPU and core count restrictions. Pooled vRAM as a licensing component, across the virtual infrastructure managed by vCenter server
11:50 AM CDT: Jackson stating that different vSphere packaging in the past was confusing. Reduction in packaging. vSphere Advanced edition is being eliminated. Those who were licensed for Advanced and are current now have Enterprise licensing.
11:52 AM CDT: Jackson promoting VMworld in Las Vegas and Copenhagen.

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